Brought together, during a conflict born from two feuding families, by the love of underground music. Seeking the creative release from the mounting pressures of their opposing kin, The Dead Rose Music Company have chosen to keep their identities a secret as protection from reprisals from their families.

Escaping the conflict, TDRMC were brought together whilst digging through crates of old vinyl following the disco revolt. It was a chance meeting over a record that led to this forbidden union. Meeting in secret to share tales of disco beats and dance floor treats, TDRMC began an obsession with rhythmic movement and music through the ages.

To date TDRMC have played solo at parties all over the world but until now have never come together in the public eye. The future sees the release of their “May Contain Samples” series of tracks, garnering support from Soul Clap, Mark E, Chris Duckenfield and Horse Meat Disco amongst a number of other heads.This has led to the creation of their own label “ Taikomochi”, which will launch at the end of 2010 and see the exclusive release of their sought after edits, original material and tracks from other artists.

“The tracks we use mean something to us, be it a track from our childhood, a guilty pleasure that has been enjoyed in private or an epic moment on a dance floor that has blown our minds. Each track is carefully deconstructed and meticulously rebuilt around new elements, instrumentation and sequencing. Hopefully we capture the original feeling of the track and bring to light parts that move us, be it a single sound, instrument or line from the lyrics.”

Listening to the tracks we were sent, you could hear that each sound is there for a reason. The structuring echoes the sentiment of the dance floor, epic builds, teasing and silence defying drops in to swelling crescendos. “When we DJ we do the same thing, cutting, looping and re-sequencing on the fly, using different parts of tracks and fusing them together to create new sounds and textures. We just love seeing people dancing and going crazy.”

Forthcoming releases include “Just A Bitter Love” on Wolf Music; a sample can be heard on their soundcloud page along with “Am I Still The One” which has been signed to E.A.R and will have a remix by the legend Rob Mello. You will be able to catch them at gigs up and down the UK and there will be a podcast released shortly.